Ten, Eleven, Twelve

There will be no escaping games in 2012. From the Olympics to hit shows on TV, lucrative games on your mobile phone to innovative live events, games are more a part of our everyday lives than they’ve ever been.

This briefing document looks ahead to the key issues that can help guide your strategy in 2012. And, since the gaming world evolves fast, we’ve drawn some concrete examples of these trends from front-runners in 2011, so you can get to grips with what they mean in practice. 

Download this free PDF for the inside track on toy cars that drive on iPad screens, street games that draw 12,000+ crowds, why Facebook games aren’t on Facebook anymore, and how to build for the post-Flash world.

Games are a powerful part of all our lives, now. If you’d like us to help make them a powerful part of your 2012 strategy, then get in touch with us.

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