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  • Couple Up, unpacked

    22 July 2010 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    Following on from the previous post, I wanted to explain a bit more of thinking – conscious and subconscious – that went in to Couple Up.

    To recap, Couple Up was the card game designed and deployed by the participants of the WonderLab at the end of the event. Intended as a way of creating a concrete expression of the issues raised during three days of talking, playing and experimenting, it also had to work as an enjoyable game for an unwitting invited audience. Nothing like raising the stakes to concentrate the mind.

    We’d closed the first day of the lab by writing giant post-its with big, open questions on them, and sticking them to the walls – you can see some of them in the great summary video on the Lab’s YouTube channel (along with all the talks from the event). It wasn’t the intention to try to cover everything in the final game, but it was interesting how many we did.

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  • Couple Up

    19 July 2010 | by Margaret Robertson | 1 comment

    The WonderLab was a three day exploration of what happens when performance meets play. As befits a lab, we did a lot of theorising, experimenting and inventing, and decided to use the medium of a card game to express the conclusions we’d drawn about the big issues facing designing these experiences. We didn’t want to produce just another document of vague polemic or unresolved theory, but rather make something concrete and specific, which we hoped would enable other people to respond in concrete and specific ways.

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  • WonderLab concludes…

    15 July 2010 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    After three days of extraordinary play, debate and creation, the WonderLab has concluded. We’ll be posting the conclusion shortly, in the form of a ruleset for a unique new game called Couple Up, which – apart from anything else – must have one of the most luminous credits list ever constructed.

    For now, what there is for your enjoyment is a selection of extraordinarily provocative 5 minute talks, from extremely smart people, about things that blow their minds. Some spoke about personal experiences, some about aspects of their work, all changed how we thought. Check out the WonderLab channel for more.

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  • WonderLab: Make Believe

    14 July 2010 | by Margaret Robertson | 2 comments

    Those of us lucky enough to be at the WonderLab yesterday were treated to a visit by Jimmy Stewart – no, not that Jimmy Stewart – who some of you will know from Tassos Stevens‘ and Nick Ryan‘s performance at BAC earlier this year. Jimmy was kind enough to prepare some thoughts for us, which [...]

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  • The WonderLab begins

    11 July 2010 | by Margaret Robertson | 1 comment

    As the Weekender draws to a close, we wanted to remind you to keep an eye out for the WonderLab, which starts on Monday. Thanks to support for the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Hide&Seek and LIFT are bringing together some of the smartest creatives from the digital, gaming, theatre and performance fields, to spend three days exploring where digital tools and the ethos of play will take us next.

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