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  • Today’s Best Thing: Transformation Decks

    09 February 2011 | by Holly Gramazio | 1 comment

    A “transformation deck” is a pack of cards where the front of each card has been transformed: where an illustrator has taken the standard front – four diamonds, or three spades, or whatever else – and drawn a picture around it: turning hearts into tulips, say, or clubs into faces.

    It sounds like a nice but slightly arcane thing to do, but it turns out, people have done it a lot, starting in 1803 and never stopping since.

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  • Today’s Best Thing

    07 February 2011 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Today we’re all being intrigued by the Straw Hat Riots of 1922. There are details in this New York Times article, but in essence: in the early twentieth century, the straw hat season officially ended on 15 September. And on that night, in 1922, mobs of fashion-forward youths stormed through the streets of New York, smashing the unseasonable hats of any passers-by who hadn’t yet switched to felt. Particularly diligent hat-grabbers even used the hats to start bonfires.

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