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  • Tiny Celebrity Game Designers

    04 April 2013 | by Margaret Robertson | 3 comments

    If you’ve been following our Kickstarter you may have read the bit where we mention celebrity game designers. You probably read it fast, though, because there was so much else to look at. You definitely didn’t stop and think hard about it, because if you did, your brain would have exploded a bit, which we know to be a fact because we just tried it and zpppftllmb.

    Here’s why. Literally in no particular order, these are the people contributing new, unique, unpredictable, wonderful games that YOU will get to play if you back the project at any tier.

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  • Hunted gowks and April fish

    01 April 2013 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    We have no grand trick to play on you this April morning. We could have unveiled Tiny Games For Dentists (bonus points if your patient’s still conscious!) or announced Hide&Seek’s acquisition as a new division of Blackwater, but we’ve dedicated our energies instead to coming up with a couple of games you can play today, [...]

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  • Tiny Games for Tabletops

    30 March 2013 | by Mark Sorrell | 4 comments

    So, today is International Tabletop Day  a day when we’re all encouraged to head out into public and play a tabletop game. Obviously this is something very close to our hearts, but we wanted to give a it a little dash of Tiny Games flavour. We could make Tiny Games to be played on tabletops, [...]

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  • The Age of the Audience?

    17 August 2011 | by Alex Fleetwood | 1 comment

    At 3pm tomorrow I’ll taking part in a panel at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh on the topic of Interactivity in the Age of the Audience. One of the questions that we’ve been asked to consider is whether, as Charlotte Higgins contended in this recent blog post, intimate theatre might in some ways be considered ‘decadent’. I [...]

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  • Tiny Games at the Southbank

    15 August 2011 | by Holly Gramazio | 5 comments

    This is a tiny game that we made:

    It’s one of ten tiny games that have been stuck to the ground around the Southbank. It’s two sentences long. Part of the reason it’s so short is that it’s site-specific: designed to be played on a piece of ground with big square pavers, like the space you can see here near the Hayward Gallery. When the playing field is right in front of you, the rules can be a little more succinct.

    This is another tiny game:

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