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  • The New Year Games: what was all that about, then?

    19 January 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 5 comments

    Photo by Chris Scott

    On 1 January 2011, Hide&Seek and Unique Events ran the New Year Games. Somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 people played. You probably weren’t one of them.

    Usually, our live events have a core of people who know us: people who’ve been to a Sandpit or a Weekender before, people who like games, people who know a little about what to expect. Of course they’re often outnumbered by newcomers and passers-by and people who saw the brochure lying around and didn’t have anything else to do, but the familiar core is still there. On 1 January, though, our audience was people who were wandering around Edinburgh: residents out for a walk; visitors who’d come up for Hogmanay and couldn’t leave because the trains weren’t running yet; people with hangovers; wandering families. People who are almost guaranteed not to be reading this blog post. We weren’t really sure how many of them to expect. It turned out there were quite a lot.

    It was a silly big game and hundreds of people were involved in making it work, on the day and in the months before: stewards and producers and drummers and actors and guys who put up Helter Skelters and Heads of Games and a samba band and the Lord Provost of Edinburgh and a poet and people on New Year’s Eve ┬ástapling sheets of cardboard at 9pm or printing out stickers at 4:30am. I’ve been trying to write it up and it’s just too big, there’s too much of it. But I can at least write down some of the things I want to remember for next time.

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  • The New Year Games: officially launched

    11 November 2011 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    We’ve mentioned before that we’ll be in Edinburgh playing games on 1 January, but we had to be a little bit secretive. Now it’s official!The New Year Games will be running from 2pm to 6pm, with giant totems, fairground stalls, a cathedral, a museum, a minotaur, a hopscotch trail, invisible musicians and more. You can [...]

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  • The New Year Games

    28 October 2011 | by Holly Gramazio | 2 comments

    We at Hide&Seek are thrilled to announce our very first game for next year. Early next year, in fact. Very, very early next year.

    On 1 January 2012, Hide&Seek will be running The New Year Games, an amazing afternoon-long game across Edinburgh’s Old Town, as part of the annual Hogmanay celebrations.

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