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  • The Building Is… Design Blog #4

    05 June 2012 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    Mini Golf - Clifton Park - 06, Jul - 699

    Something that’s important when creating games for buildings is the question of identity. Identity – registering a person, linking the state of a game to a person, tracking essential data – is fundamental to a satisfying game experience. Imagine if Blizzard’s World of Warcraft servers just forgot you, and your Level 57 Death Knight disappeared… We expect that a game will remember where we were up to, and pick up exactly where we left off, and we expect that to be seamless and instantaneous.

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  • The Building Is… Design Blog #3

    01 June 2012 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    Coming to the end of week 1 of our install and we’re in reasonable shape – we completed our first playtest yesterday, of the Building Sees, and it was mostly fun! Mostly fun is a pretty great state to be in at this stage…

    Things I didn’t realise would turn out to be a massive design constraint #7432 – it’s complex to drive two different screens, displaying different information, from the same programme. This runs counter to two things:

    • we need to display game information to players as they play, and ALSO players who are queuing for the game
    • players of the game have very different informational requirements from players watching the game.

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  • The Building Is… – Design Blog #2

    30 May 2012 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    Today’s design blog is about game literacy, and its effect on physical games. Our goal is that everyone who plays our game enjoys it – that means it has to be rich and rewarding enough for the hardcore gamers, and comprehensible and accessible to newbies. Because the game takes place in physical space, and is intended to run without too much human intervention, we don’t have the EASY / MEDIUM / HARD option. Instead, we have to integrate difficulty settings into the physical elements of the game…

    When we playtested the Smells course, we built a long, linear route for people to progress along. You can see it in this video:

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  • The Building Is – design blog #1

    29 May 2012 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    So, a lucky team from Hide&Seek arrived in Paris yesterday. We’re here for the next month, completing the design and installation of The Building Is... our new game commission for Joue le Jeu, la Gâité Lyrique’s summer festival. It feels really important to document the making of this game, so we’re going to do that here.

    There’s so much to write about, and artist process blogs can be a bit tl;dr if you’re not careful. So – here’s the rules. 250 words a day, on a different topic, with pictures and practical examples.

    Okay here goes. Word count starts now!

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