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  • June’s Sandpit: a little bit different…

    11 June 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Summary for the easily-bored: we have a Sandpit on Monday the 18th which is all drop-in games – no booking at all, no stickers and tickets. (It’s mostly indoors, don’t panic about the weather). Weird, huh?

    The long version: In a week, it’s time for our second Sandpit of the year: a night of games themed around performance and performers.

    I have to explain the Sandpit quite often. “It’s a night for game designers and artists to try out new ideas, and everyone else to come along and play,” I say. “There’s a core of scheduled games, where you can book places book, and then there are games you can drop in on, and pick-up-and-play games you can run on your own if you like, a bit like parlour games.”

    This is how it’s always been, right from Sandpit 2 back in 2008, when we added parlour games and Trap Street to the core of scheduled games. People turn up from 6:30; they book places; games begin at 7; the scheduled games are the heart of it, and other stuff happens around them. Forty Sandpits later, that’s still how it works.

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