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  • Drunk Dungeon: the making of

    23 May 2012 | by Margaret Robertson | 2 comments

    Drunk Dungeon really came about because I was trying to solve an age-old live game problem: getting a roomful of people into teams.

    Getting people into teams is hard, on almost every level – conceptual, practical, functional. There’s a whole other blog post to be written on why, and people better qualified than me to write it. But, broadly speaking, you need teams that are equally appealing (or you’ll get an uneven split, which you usually don’t want), teams that resonate with people enough that they care, (but not so specific that they feel they’ve got no choice), and that you can visually communicate effectively and cheaply and pleasantly. It’s *hard*. We spent longer designing the teams for the New Year Games than almost any other individual element.

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  • Drunk Dungeon: hangover report

    21 May 2012 | by Margaret Robertson | 6 comments

    Friday night saw the debut of Drunk Dungeon, a game commissioned by the NYU Game Center for their annual No Quarter event. There’s a nice preview of the evening from curator Charles Pratt here, but I wanted to write my own quick introduction to the world’s most ornate drinking game.

    Drunk Dungeon was conceived as an ambient party game. The concept is explained on the right, or you can read more detailed rules here.  I wanted to make something that reflected No Quarter’s unique atmosphere – here’s beer, there’s conversation, there’s an audience of world-class game experts mixed up with curious newcomers.

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