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  • Would Anyone Miss You?

    05 March 2012 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    Hide&Seek are delighted to announce that we’ll be running a new live game at SXSW in Austin this week, from the 10th to the 14th of March.

    It’s called Would Anyone Miss You, and it’s inspired by our previous project, Dreams Of Your Life, an interactive piece designed as a response to Carol Morley’s Dreams Of A Life.

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  • Dreams Of A Game, Pt 3

    05 March 2012 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    What’s clear for us is that it would never have come together the way it did without the collaborators we worked with. We’d made some critical decisions about the project on our own: we knew we wanted it to be photographic, because anything drawn or animated might sit oddly next to the film. We knew we wanted text, because it gave us something rich and adaptable and private. And knowing we wanted those, we had a vision of writing on a window. A place you could be but not explore, and a voice you could hear but never meet.

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  • Dreams Of A Game, Pt 2.

    01 December 2011 | by Margaret Robertson | 1 comment

    The power of games is the problem of games. As Tom wrote earlier in the week, games gate progress: if you want to feel successful or find out the end of the story or have better stuff or see wilder worlds, you need to complete tasks. This makes them powerful motivators, and people operate – well – dishonestly in their presence.

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  • Dreams Of A Game

    30 November 2011 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    I have spent a lot of this year thinking about what would happen if I died. I haven’t been doing this in a cafe, staring pensively at my reflection as I drink tepid, tear-tinctured tea. I’ve been doing it at my desk, on company time. I have been doing it in front of white-boards, in brainstorms. I have written Basecamp notes on the conclusions I’ve reached.

    Here’s why. In a few days, Carol Morley’s extraordinary documentary, Dreams Of A Life, is released in cinemas. You might have been lucky enough to catch its debut at the London Film Festival or seen the admiring reviews that followed. You may have found your way to Carol’s haunted and haunting piece on the event that it explores in the Guardian. It’s a film which tries to unfold the life that lay behind a single, terrible discovery: the skeletal remains of a 38-year old woman in a flat in Wood Green in 2006. She had been dead for nearly three years, but was found only when the bailiffs broke in to evict her. The television was still on.

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  • Announcing: Dreams of Your Life

    25 November 2011 | by Alex Fleetwood | 3 comments

    We’re proud, delighted and honoured to announce our latest project, for Film4. They commissioned us to create a unique multiplatform experience to support the release of Carol Morley’s feature film Dreams of a Life.

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