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  • The Giant Potential of Tiny Games

    17 September 2012 | by Mark Sorrell | 0 comments

    So here I am at Hide&Seek Directing some Development and I’m excited. I’m on record stating my belief that games can do far more than is currently imagined; and if there’s any studio that’s really taking games to places and people they currently don’t reach, then Hide&Seek are they. Or should I say, us. The Tiny Games project is [...]

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  • 99 Tiny Games: playing now at a footpath near you

    27 July 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Over the last couple of days, two dozen people have been walking around London, sticking down big round posters that explain how to play some games. There are ninety-nine of these posters, and each of them is different, with rules for a different game: a conversation game over here, a chase game over there, a people-watching game up on that balcony.

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  • 99 Tiny Games

    12 June 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 2 comments

    We’re very excited to be announcing a new project: a collection of site-specific games spread all across London.

    Yes, “all across”: three in each borough, for a total of ninety-nine. 99 Tiny Games. Each one a unique ruleset just a few sentences long, printed on a vinyl and stuck onto the ground or a wall somewhere in London, sitting there, waiting to be played by passers-by.

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