Would Anyone Miss You? was a live game about connections and reflections. It was a way for people at SXSW to have conversations they wouldn’t normally have – maybe conversations that were more important and a little deeper than the ones we normally have at conferences.

Here’s how it worked: to play, players needed to find a sticker sheet. The sheet described a set of missions – it had twelve stickers that described different kinds of people, and asked players to find someone they felt matched the description on the sticker, and then put a question to them. Then players had a conversation with the game about meeting that person. The game listened, and made something unique for them in response to their experience. Everyone who completed the game was rewarded with a polaroid portrait of themselves, complete with a message to someone they missed. We captured the experience of those players in a Tumblr.

Would Anyone Miss You? was designed as a live counterpart to an earlier project, Dreams Of Your Life, which in turn was inspired by Carol Morley’s film Dreams Of A Life. It ran during SXSW 2012, alongside a panel on the making of Dreams Of Your Life. It was designed by Hide&Seek, with photography by Lottie Davies and writing by A L Kennedy. Would Anyone Miss You? would not have been possible without support from Film4The British Film InstituteBritish Council, and Entertainment One, for which we’re enormously grateful.

In the press:

“…more about memory, love and loss than it is about winning or losing… there are more important things in life about which people should know the honest truth.” – Kotaku