On 24 and 25 November, players all across the city celebrated the opening of the Natural History Museum’s amazing new Treasures gallery, showcasing some of the Museum’s rarest and most precious objects.

Armed with a map and sheet of empty specimen jars, the game they played sent them on a hunt for the sites of some of London’s most peculiar and intriguing natural history – places across the city relating to the Treasures gallery, or housing particularly intriguing specimens and history.

At each site, players had to find a Natural History Museum plinth, upon which was information of that site’s strange natural history; a mammoth under Trafalgar Sqaure, ostriches races in Kensington Gardens, etc.

To prove they had visited their sites, players made a rubbing at each location, filling in one of their twelve collection jars with a specimen from Treasures.

The Hunt is over now, but even if you missed the game, it’s not too late for the natural history – we found out so much about different excavations, buildings, specimens, museums and objects that we couldn’t bear not to tell you about them overexcitedly. The map below shows the twelve sites that players of the Hunt visited, marked in red, many of them open to visitors on a daily basis – and, marked in blue, we’ve included some bonus treasures, places we couldn’t include in the Hunt but which connect to some intriguing aspect of London’s natural history, and which are open to visitors. If you have any suggestions for other inclusions, email holly@hideandseek.net and we’ll add them in!

View Treasures: the Hunt in a larger map