Produced in collaboration with The Royal Opera House, The Show Must Go On is an iOS game that puts the player in the shoes of an intrepid stage manager struck down by a terrible case of bad luck! Split into five mini-games, the player is required to retrieve the sheet music, assemble the props, build the set, light the show and dress the chorus; with just moments to go until curtain up.

Each mini-game places different demands on the player – from the fast-paced action of Music, to the memory-test of Props. In “Performance” mode, players need to score well in each game to put on the best possible show. If they don’t perform well enough, the show will still go on… albeit in a more entertaining (if less-than-perfect) manner!

Each game mode is also available in “Score Attack” form, where players can play the games endlessly and compete across online high-score tables. Costumes Score Attack is included for free; other Score Attack modes are purchasable in-app content.

The game features a soundtrack from EMI Classics – including world-class recordings from as artists such as Sir Simon Rattle and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf – and sound effects recorded on location at the Royal Opera House itself.

The development of the game followed a period of R&D to investigate how game mechanics and digital technologies could integrate with the Royal Opera House’s brand and digital resources to create new kinds of cultural product.

What people have said

“sweet and compelling… thoroughly impressive”

- Touch Arcade

“Easy to pick at, surprising when you play it and above all fun” – App of the Day

- Pocket-lint

“Game soundtracks really don’t come any better than this.”

- The Daily Telegraph


Thanks to all our collaborators on this project: The Royal Opera House, EMI Classics, and Big Pixel Studios.