PlayStation Game Runners is an experimental project where PlayStation, members of the public and young people from diverse backgrounds come together to create social games. PlayStation believe the best games are played as a group. The project has been developed by PlayStation and Hide&Seek with a team of 8 initial Game Runners who PlayStation have picked to train as game designers and work to make the games relevant.

Carl Christopher-Ansari, Sponsorship Manager SCEUK, states “In all our personal plays and  community sampling play testing we found BLOCKS to be an intense game of strategy and precision. BLOCKS  is highly competitive and social. People really get their game face on to play this.  I look forward to seeing BLOCKS going into full production for the live event.  It will make for a visual spectacular and a  great social night out, as we will be playing with very tactile small and large Blocks. It will be an awesome challenge of brain power and dexterity.

Blocks is a three-dimensional game of strategy and precision movement. Two opposing players take it in turns to place the blocks in a 2 x 2 tower. Every face of the block has a PlayStation symbol on it. When a player places a block, the symbols on all touching faces must match. Here’s the tricky bit: all the blocks are a little bit uneven, and so stacking a high tower gets harder and harder. The player who lets the tower topple, or who runs out of time to make a move, loses the game. You’ll need a logical mind and a steady hand to triumph!