Commissioned by the NYU Game Center in 2012 for their annual No Quarter event, Drunk Dungeon is an ambient party game that has partygoers simultaneously constructing and exploring a top-down dungeon in order to score more points for their respective teams. All they need to do to participate is grab a drink – the game pieces are the coasters they receive with their beverage of choice. More drinking (whether it’s beer or soda or water) means more dungeon!

At the beginning of the night players face a wide-open, totally blank board – and by the end of the night a beautiful, colorful environment has organically taken shape, unique to that party and those players. Players can participate as much or as little as they’d like – they can grab a drink, place a tile, and just walk away… or they could grab a few more drinks, come back to the table, analyze how it’s changed and where it’s going, and help their team out a little more. Or they could become full-on megalomaniacal strategists, advising and marshaling teammates and disrupting enemy players as the board continues to grow and morph and the players become more and more inebriated.


Drunk Dungeon is probably the world’s first party-wide, team-based Roguelike powered by drinking – and it couldn’t have been possible without the initial commission from the NYU Game Center and their support and assistance throughout the game’s production.

Keep an eye out for more Drunk Dungeon in the near future!

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