Half the dancers have music; for the others, the disco is truly silent. Can you work out who is who?

Discotect is a party game for those who like throwing shapes and winning glow sticks (most people), created for the Hide&Seek Weekender 2012. Throughout the  6min 44sec game, everyone taking part has the opportunity to dance, detect, and deceive:

Those not wearing headphones are the discotectives – one by one they enter the silent arena and pick a dancer they think is listening to music, and take their headphones from them. By convincing someone that they’re listening to music, the dancer wins a glow stick and joins the back of the cue to enter again as a discotective. The cycle repeats itself until the end of the game, where those still dancing, and listening to music are awarded an extra glow stick. The person with the most glow sticks wins, and gets to keep their colourful prize.

Whether you have music in your ears, or a running commentary on what the others are listening to, Discotect is a party game that’s fun to play and ridiculous to watch.

We’re currently working on several new tracks, so we can have rounds of different musical genres and dancing styles, and would love to bring the game to an event near you.