In 2009, Hide&Seek worked with digital agency AKQA to create an award-winning two-player digital game for Warner Brothers called 221B.

221B immerses players in the world of the recent Sherlock Holmes movie and challenges them to solve a series of murders. Unravelling the mystery leads players directly into the opening scene of the film, in which the killer is apprehended. Hide&Seek were given unprecedented access to scripts, sets & costumes, and created a rich online world that essentially acted as a prequel to the movie.

The project was a huge success, achieving five technology world firsts and reaching 350,000 players in just 8 weeks. The Guardian said it “pushes the boundaries of the adventure genre” and leading blog The Social Robot called it “Social Media and Storytelling at Their Finest”. 221B defines a new set of possibilities for the relationship between film-making and digital storytelling.

More recently, 221B has featured In Book at the the D&AD Awards and was a One Show and Clio Awards medal winner.