Get a jump on the day during Ad Week at PSFK’s micro-conference on the Future of Gaming. Just 2 hours long, but packed with great speakers:

Held during the same period as New York’s Advertising Week, PSFK will hold an inspirational event for creative professionals on the business of mobile gaming.

Brought to you with the support of the team at Zynga at the event space at Mother New York, the team behind will curate a selection of speakers that will discuss the culture of games, plus a panel that will dive deep into how brands are leveraging games to interact with audiences.

Speakers such as Jamin Warren from the future-forward games publication Kill Screen, and Zynga creative director Arianna Orland and director of brand strategy Jonathan Waecker will talk about play and the culture of games. A panel discussion will follow that looks at in-game advertising, offline and online activation and branded games. Panelists include Julie Shumaker, Zynga’s Head of Ad Sales, Margaret Robertson who leads the game studio Hide & SeekMother NY co-founder Andrew Dietchman and in-app game-mechanic pioneer Jason Oberfest who founded Mango Health (tbc).

Half talks – half social mixer, this salon will be the definitive advertising-meets gaming industry event that takes place during the same time as Advertising Week.

See you there!