Margaret will be attending the 2013 Game Developers Conference, and ranting alongside some other great gamers at one of GDC’s most provoking sessions.

Mad as Hell: Hothead Developers Rant Back

Anna Anthropy (Auntie Pixelante), Mitu Khandaker (The Tiniest Shark), Karen Sideman (GameLike), Eric Zimmerman (Independent), Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs), Kellee Santiago (Independent Developer), Margaret Robertson (Hide&Seek), Anna Marsh (Lady Shotgun) and Naomi Clark (Brooklyn Game Ensemble)

Each year the rant session brings together a panel of game developers to b*#%h about whatever the hell they want. In the past, we’ve heard from angry game publishers and pissed-off game journalists. This year we will blow the doors off the hinges with a panel of the angriest game developer hotheads we could find. So get ready to be schooled in what is truly f@$ked up about our industry. Cutting through the clutter of polite industry chit-chat, the rant session takes on the issues that matter to developers in a no-holds-barred format. Fasten your seat belts, and prepare for strong opinions from some of the game industry’s most distinguished and dissatisfied game developers. The invited panelists will be given free reign. You have been warned. Co-hosted by Jason Della Roca and Eric Zimmerman, the rant session is about identifying solutions as well as problems. The audience will have a chance to respond to the rants and join in the discussion. Topics will address issues of concrete importance to the game industry. And we may catch a glimpse of a better future for us all.

Why a rant session? The most vital conversations at GDC usually happen in corridors, between scheduled events, and at late-night beer sessions. The rant session goes beyond polished, promotional demos in order to air the burning issues that are most important to rank and file game developers. Expect impassioned diatribes, cutting critiques, and burning-hot manifestos.

This session is for anyone who wants the raw version of what is really going on in the game industry. Come prepared to have your assumptions challenged and your sensibilities rankled.