Searchlight at Your Festival

We are excited about getting Searchlight out into the world for more people to play!

Searchlight is a two-person game, which takes about a minute to play, and encourages repeat play. It can run constantly throughout an evening, and needs a dedicated person to facilitate the it and reset the blocks at the end of each play session. It is targeted at both families and more experienced players. Players as young as five can easily understand the rules and play the game, and younger players can be aided by a parent or sibling if they wish to play. With older players, the game becomes more competitive, as they can compete to develop strategies to collect the blocks more quickly than other teams.

Searchlight has both physical and digital components. In order to run Searchlight, you need a projector and Kinect, and a way to position them about three meters above the ground (ideally a lighting rig). You also need a computer to run the software, a set of blocks for the pieces, and enough space to set out the blocks – about a 2- by 3- meter space.

If you would like to have Searchlight at your festival or event, please get in touch!

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