Discotect at your festival

We are excited about getting Discotect out into the world for more people to play!

Discotect is a silent-disco party game which lasts just over 10 minutes, and encourages repeat play. It can run throughout an evening (with roughly 10 minutes turn around time), and needs two dedicated people to facilitate the game.

The space needed depends on how many people you want to play; just as long as it’s big enough for 2/3 of the players to dance in, and 1/3 players to queue, you’ll be fine.

We’ve played Discotect with 15 people and 150 people, although the ideal number per game is around 20-30. To play, 2/3 of players need to waer two-channel silent disco headphones – these are easy to set up and widely available to hire.

If you would like to have Discotect at your festival or event, please get in touch!

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    Dance the night away with Discotect, a silent-disco party game.
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