The Nature Games Weekend

20 August 2012 | 1 comment

Come along to the Natural History Museum from 12-4pm on 25 or 26 August! We’ll be running an afternoon of amazing family games on a Natural History theme. We’ll be based in the Darwin Centre with drop-in games throughout, so there’s no need to book – just come along!

Andy Field: OubliƩ
Something has gone wrong down among the spirit jars and we need your help to fix it. This is a game about looking with young eyes and listening with old ears. A game for one child (aged 4-11) and one adult. This is a game about creatures in jars and scientists in trouble. A game of describing and a game of exploring.

Caroline Gardiner: Pest
Giant caterpillars are roaming the Museum, eating the exhibits. Help your team to grow the biggest caterpillar, hide from the Museum staff, and escape from the Museum!

The Haberdashery: UV Detectives
How do scientists tell the difference between completely identical lichens? Players use the tools of the trade to unravel the secrets of fungi.

David Urry: Insect Sports Day
As the coach of a powerful insect sports team, you need to choose which creatures to send forward to compete. Who’s the best sprinter: cockroach, or grasshopper? Is a beetle a better gymnast than a human?

Kai-Oi Jay Yung: The Puzzle of the Mystery Creature
Become a scientist in this fun, inquisitive puzzle race! Race in teams gathering data to discover an exciting new species. Winners get to name their discovery in our official record book.

Paul Eggleton & Dan Carpenter: Termites Vs. Ants
Take on the role of a hard-working termite and gather food for your colony – or become an enemy ant, and try to eat the termite workers while avoiding their defending soldiers.

David Calvo: A Squirrel’s Life
Who said being a squirrel was easy ? In this crazy game of mayhem and wit, gather enough ressources in your tree for a safe winter. But be careful ! Dogs and jays are part of your life too…

Mathew Robins: The Ersatz Entomologist
Make your own insect and preserve it in a jar. Will you convince the experts and get it into the permanent collection, or will you be revealed as a fraudster?

The Natural History Museum with Hide&Seek: A Quest for Questioning Types
Explore the museum and complete three science-based challenges to win your place in the Natural History Museum Roll of Most Curious People.

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