Hide&Seek, Artists in Residence, Southbank Centre

17 May 2011 | 0 comments

We’re delighted and honoured to announce that we’ve been invited to become Artists in Residence at the Southbank Centre. Since 2008, we’ve produced a number of Sandpits and Weekenders at the SBC; throughout that time, it’s always been a pleasure to work with the team there, and to make games for this unique space.

If you’re a studio making social games and playful experiences, with a stated interest in running, sneaking, gathering, noise-making (and the list goes on) – then there may not be a better place in the whole world to work than the 27 acres of the Southbank Centre’s site. There are staircases, hidden gardens, great public squares, bounded by the cinematic backdrop of the Thames and London beyond it. Playing there, over the last few years,¬†we’ve come to know this place in a particular way – through a set of breathless moments, a set of mental snapshots, moments in the great story we tell about the games that we play.

And now, we’re taking those experiences into a new kind of conversation. We’ve been asked to understand the way the organisation works in greater depth, and to contribute ideas and imaginings to future festivals and projects. We’re at the very, very beginning of that journey, and it’s much too early to know what will result, but my hope is that it will represent the very best of what Hide&Seek is capable of producing as a studio,that it will closely involve the makers and players of the Sandpit community, and provide many more opportunities for magical play to happen in the heart of London.

Picture by digitaldust.

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