Tom Armitage, Games Designer, Hide&Seek

22 February 2011 | 0 comments

Following on from BERG’s announcement of his departure yesterday morning, and Tom’s own announcement yesterday afternoon, we would like to announce the arrival of Tom Armitage as Games Designer at Hide&Seek.

We’re thrilled to add Tom to our most precious resource. Brains. (Not in a zombie way, mind – that would be short-term gain and long-term waste). We really, really like Tom’s brain. He thinks deeply and hard about games, design, and the world, in a way which we care about very much.

Here’s Tom talking about Things Rules Do at the Interesting North conference earlier this year:

And here are just a couple of things that Tom has written about game design: on Game Dev Story and narrative exoskeletons, and musing on the potential of GTA: West Side Story. Tom’s site,, has a tag for all his game posts if you wish to read more.

So it’s clear that we’re adding a person who thinks very interestingly about games and their design. But what’s important about this hire for Hide&Seek’s continuing development as a creative studio is that Tom’s games thinking is embedded in both his consideration of other kinds of culture, and in the insight he has earned as a developer of significant talent and experience. It expands our range considerably to have a person who builds smart things on the internet in our creative team.

We can’t wait to add Tom to the conversations that we’re having with our clients and partners across visual art, theatre, film, music, musical theatre, and the rest… And we couldn’t be more excited about what we’re going to make together.

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