The Hide&Seek Post-Post-Mortem

25 August 2015 | 2 comments

It’s getting on for a couple of years since we closed Hide&Seek, so I thought it would be nice to share news of what the team is up to these days. You hear a lot about new things starting up, you hear a bit about things closing down, but what happens after that? A whole bunch, it turns out:

- I’ve set up a new studio with some H&S alumni and we are working on our first game, Fabulous Beasts

- Margaret is working with an eclectic mix of illustrators, musicians, designers and engineers at New York mobile games studio Dots

- Holly has been making cool games and is the director of new games festival Now Play This (coming up in a couple of weeks!)

- Mark S got hired by Rovio, Mark H by AMC, Dan by and Duncan by Osprey Games. Chris is working at Drive.

- Ivan is doing pioneering work with wrestling comedians, Sophie is working on an upcoming iPad app, Mike continues to design beautiful things, and Sarah is making interactive theatre with Non Zero One

Perhaps most excitingly, Tiny Games is getting a book deal! Thanks to Duncan, who signed it for Osprey,  two books are being published at the end of September: Tiny Games for Home and Tiny Games for Work.

I look at the list of things that people are up to and feel a bit proud that we were able to pull such a talented and diverse group of people together, and that they have all gone on to do such excellent work. It really felt like the end of the world when we shut H&S down – but it turns out that the world very much does not end, and before long new and exciting things emerge.

If I have one note of sadness it is that I haven’t been able to keep many of the Hide&Seek projects online. Not being a programmer myself, I have been aghast at the rate at which projects have fallen off the internet and the app store. If anyone reading has any ideas about how we might resurrect or archive some of H&S’s work, drop me a line.


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  • On 12 Sep 2015, Christophe said:

    Glad to hear the team is doing well, just read this as was looking if Tiny Games was ever made for Android as wanted to install it on my phone :) I do hope you get some of your projectd back up…

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