Christmas at Kensington Palace: a Game of Crowns

18 November 2013 | 0 comments

In 1699, King William III held a month-long Christmas party at Kensington Palace.

This year, Hide&Seek and Kensington Palace are creating Christmas at Kensington Palace: a Game of Crowns, an installation in the King’s State Apartments running throughout the Christmas period, inviting visitors to play through games inspired by that original 1699 party and by Christmas traditions of the period.

Come along to the Palace and choose your paper crown – then take part in the games and decorate your crown based on how you do! Recreate historical paintings with Frames, curtsey to the King in Bows, take your chance on the spinning table with Hearts, arrange a tower of delicacies fit for a royal in Fruits, and take a turn around the golden Cupola Room with Dances. 

Then at the end of your adventure, it’s time to choose your title and take a seat on the throne!

If you visit on the weekend, you’ll also find new parlour games to play – ideas taken from Christmas recreations of the period, and reimagined for now.

The games are suitable for families and for grown-ups, and will be running from 30 November to 6 January.

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