IndieCade East – one weird trick to submit a talk

25 October 2013 | 0 comments

The IndieCade festival has been going strong on the West Coast for years – bringing together indie game makers and fans under the warm Culver City sun. Earlier this year, the Indiecade team debuted a New York event – Indiecade East – which showed how games have the power to fire people up even in the face of February snow storms.

Next year it’s back, again in New York’s Museum of the Moving Image (Feb 14-16), and the team invited me and my husband Kevin Cancienne to co-chair the conference. We are pretty thoroughly excited at the prospect of getting to shape some of the thinking behind the event. More exciting, though, is that this is the first time ever that IndieCade is opening up the conference to talk submissions.

Why more exciting? Well, two reasons.

The first is that it means you can submit a talk. Here’s your chance to set the agenda for the indie community. Kevin and I have put together a list of topics we’d love to hear people delve into, but we’ve also included a ‘wildcard’ option. Indie gaming is growing fast, embracing new platforms, exploring game mechanics, championing greater diversity and tackling more contentious subjects, but the faster it grows, the more we risk missing. Have you ever sat through a conference fuming because no-one’s talking about a hot topic you think needs to be discussed? Submit it! Are you an expert in some element of indie history, or a proponent of some experimental aspect of indie future? Come tell us about it. Do you belong to a bit of the indie world that often gets overlooked? Suggest a talk that shines the spotlight somewhere new. Whether you’re an established name or a novice speaker, we’re excited to hear from you. Don’t worry too much about talk format or perfectly honed submissions. Just fill in the form and introduce us to your idea.

And the second reason? Because – even if you’re not interested in speaking yourself  (or even if you are!)- this is your chance to shape the conference programme by asking someone else to submit. Always wished you could go to an event and hear one of your heroes speak? Here’s your excuse to snoop out their email and suggest they submit a talk. Have someone in your organisation who you think is an unsung hero? Forward them this post and suggest they get involved. This is your chance to widen the range of voices we hear from in indie gaming.

But the one weird tip? Do it soon. Talk submissions close on 31 October, so you’ve got just under a week to get involved.



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