Sesame Street Family Play – now on sale!

16 September 2013 | 0 comments

It’s with enormous pride, and an irrepressible sense of silliness, that we announce that Sesame Street Family Play – Powered By Tiny Games is  now available on the App Store in the US, UK and Canada. Other countries coming soon!

Thanks to the enormous generosity of our Kickstarter backers, we’ve been able to spend the summer building the core Tiny Games engine. Another early supporter was Sesame Street – as soon as they saw the Tiny Games concept, they started to imagine how little, context-specific games could help families build patterns of real-world play, and how well-judged game mechanics could help young children build vital skills ahead of starting formal education.

Working with them has been as delightful as you might imagine – passionate, playful, ambitious people one and all. The end result is a game which takes everything we’ve learned about Tiny Games and puts it on the world’s best loved street. All of your favourites are here – Elmo, Cookie, Bert, The Count and more – and all they want to do is play.

Big Bird will teach you Zoo Am I?, Ernie wants to play Spoonapult. Oscar loves a grouchy round of Knock It Off. Grover’s a fan of Scribble Me Timbers. Whether you’re at home, or out and about – at a restaurant, waiting in line, at a park – or even taking a car or plane trip, we’ve got more than 150 games to keep you covered. You’ll never be short of a game to play with younger kids again, and you can always be confident that the games they’re learning are calibrated to keep them engaged with the physical world around them. If you’re curious, read more about the design ethos we defined around making games for under-5s that are less screen-based, and more real-world focused. After exhaustive testing with 3 years olds who think they’re robots with cups for hands, and 4 year olds who’re building floor-monsters out of jumpers and buckets, we think we’re on to something.

Family Play is available on the App Stores in the US, UK and Canada from today. It’s free to download and try until Sep 22, and we’re confident that if you give it a go, your day with get a little bit brighter, whether or not there’s a 3-year-old in the vicinity. We’d love your comments – and your tweets and App Store reviews – so let us know how you get on.

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