99 Tiny Games nominated for Indiecade!

16 September 2013 | 0 comments

We’re really excited to announce that 99 Tiny Games, the installation we ran across London last summer, is an Indiecade Nominee!

99 Tiny Games was created for the Cultural Olympiad as part of Showtime, and became the inspiration behind the Tiny Games app we’ll be releasing soon (and, indirectly, for Sesame Street Family Play, out today). We’re so proud to be showing at Indiecade, alongside an amazing list of games – from tabletop games about colonialism or closeness to acrobatic fencing, musical adventures, interactive stories and so much more.

We’ll be at Indiecade showing 99 Tiny Games and playing as many of the other games as we can possibly squeeze in – so if you’re there, do say hello!

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