The Tiny Games Deluxe Reward! Frighteningly good value

03 April 2013 | 0 comments

We’ve written before about the rewards that didn’t make it into Kickstarter; today we wanted to showcase one that did. Partly because we’re proud of it, and partly because we’ve always harboured a secret ambition to be a QVC host, here’s a breakdown of what you get if you back the game at the ‘All The Tiny Games Deluxe’ tier. Yours for just £12! (That’s $18, for our US friends)

The App

This bit you know about, but it bears repeating. Backing the Kickstarter gets you a copy of the app (or, if you’re not an iOS user, *all the content* in the app) which means that, for the rest of your life, you will never be more than 10 seconds away from an awesome game for exactly where you are and who you’re with.


Now, we know that p, d and f aren’t letters that set everyone’s heart ablaze. But here’s the thing; this document isn’t instructions on how to fill in a tax return. This document is just a big, dense, bundle of GAME. Print it out and take it on vacation. Add it to your ebook reader. Archive it in your email. And then, just when you need it most, you’ll have to hand the recipe you need to turn a dull moment, or a silly, sunny afternoon into a playful adventure. Remember, too, that a selection of these games are by A-list, top-flight, fully-awesome game designer celebrities – check back tomorrow for our guide to who’s who.

Werewolf Card Designs

Still revered as the most devious and delicious of conversation games, Werewolf is a staple across the world. If you haven’t played it, you’re in for a treat. If you have played it, you’ve probably yearned – as we long did – for some beautiful Werewolf cards to play it with. Hold that thought.


The card designs feature the four core Werewolf roles – wolf, villager, healer and seer, with artwork by Rachel Morris, who you may know from her NYU Game Center posters, or her distracting brilliant blog. They’re ready formatted to drop into a service like, so you can order exactly the deck you need for how you like to play. They print up beautifully, especially on unlaminated card. Once you’ve got them in your hands you’ll likely find yourself  glorying in how even the healer is spattered in a gentle rain of pinkish blood, and loving the attention to detail that means the werewolf just happens to be wearing the same, now-shredded clothes as the villager. We’ll also throw in our own preferred rule set and Werewolf top-tips.

Board Game Remix Kit

And then – also, as well, and additionally! – you get a digital copy of the Board Game Remix Kit. Dozens of new ways to play Monopoly, Cluedo (that is Clue, if you’re American), Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. Mash-ups, new rulesets, revisions and re-imaginings. If you love these games, then you’ll love finding new tricks to play with them. If you hate them, scarred by too many Christmas holidays with relentless relatives, then the Kit turns them into new, more rewarding endevours. Boing Boing called it “The most insanely clever Christmas gift idea of the year… fun… beautifully designed”. And it’s yours. Just for backing us.








EDIT – YET MORE FOR YOUR £12! Drunk Dungeon Digital

5 April – To keep us flying toward our target, we just added a new reward tier to get the ‘world’s most ornate drinking game’ Drunk Dungeon out to backers. We’ve had tonnes of requests over last few months for a download-at-home version – and we’re adding that in to the deluxe reward tier. It’s 500 tiles, so quite a bit of printing and cutting, but hey, Drunk Dungeon! It’s totally worth it.

So that’s the deal. While we get busy making the Tiny Game app for you, you can get busy playing in all kinds of new and beautiful ways. New games by your favourite world-class designers. The Werewolf set you always dreamed of. A total reinvention of the four most popular boardgames in the world. We honestly think it’s a great package, and with just one click you can make it be yours.


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