Halfway Through the Tiny Games Kickstarter

02 April 2013 | 0 comments

So, we’re halfway through our Kickstarter campaign – and we’ve raised about half the amount we need to make the Tiny Games app happen. We’re excited, and nervous, and excited, and did we mention nervous and excited?

The further we get into the campaign the more thrilled we’ve become by what we think the app could be. We updated backers on our progress earlier today, and so many of them have been so amazingly enthusiastic; we’ve had brilliant fun making up games for April Fool’s Day and International Tabletop Day and Easter, and used so many bits of paper and whiteboards and multi-coloured pencils sketching out different possibilities for the logic of the bit of the app that tells you which game to play. We have gorgeous designs for the coasters and mugs, jam-packed with games, and more to come shortly for the other rewards. We really, really want to make this, even more than when we started. And not just because we all want a playable teatowel.

Which means we’ve been getting more nervous – of course – about what happens if we don’t get to; if we don’t reach our goal. We have 509 wonderful backers, and we’re halfway there; so we need to find something in the realms of another 500 people who are as excited by the idea as the people who are already involved. Maybe you’re one of them?

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