Hunted gowks and April fish

01 April 2013 | 0 comments

We have no grand trick to play on you this April morning. We could have unveiled Tiny Games For Dentists (bonus points if your patient’s still conscious!) or announced Hide&Seek’s acquisition as a new division of Blackwater, but we’ve dedicated our energies instead to coming up with a couple of games you can play today, especially if you’ve had your fill of being tricker or trickee. So whether you’re an English fool, a Scottish gowk, or a French fish, you can give these a try.


Find a completely serious and truthful article online. Tweet it as if it were an April Fool. Award yourself 1 point for each reply that treats it as such, and 2 points for each retweet.


Approach a friend or colleague with no intent to prank them. You may like to wait until April Fool’s Day is well enough advanced for them to be a little jittery. Make them a harmless offer – ‘mmm, want to try this coffee? It’s delicious’ perhaps, or ‘hey, you should try that seat out. It’s so comfy!’. Award yourself one point for everyone who refuses because they think you’re up to something.

Image credit: an early 20th century ‘Poisson d’Avril’ card from a listing on Etsy. Buy it now and stock up for next year!



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