Triangulating the Flapjack Menace

26 March 2013 | 0 comments

Picture by sk8geek

Even as far afield as San Francisco, Flapjack-gate has made waves. The harrowing tale of the child injured by a triangular flapjack has tugged at the heartstrings of citizens across the globe. It’s with relief we see that the school in question has banned triangular – which is to say dangerous – flapjacks in favour of square – which is to say safe – baked goods. We offer this Tiny Game in response.

(Flapjacks, in Britain, are a sort of superior granola bar. Oats and syrup and general wholesome deliciousness. Also easy to make!)

Triangle Man

A player instigates the game by shouting ‘Flapjack!’ while touching something triangular – a picture, a sign, an object. She then starts counting down from 5. Everyone she’s with must find and touch something square by the time she reaches ‘zero’. The instigating player gets one point for every player not touching a square at the end of the count.

(It’s up to you how strict you want to be about what counts as a square, but we do mean “at least roughly square”, not just “any rectangle”.)

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