Tiny Games For Ad Breaks

25 March 2013 | 2 comments

A quiet night in.

We watch television because it’s there. We come home and it’s late and we’re tired and making decisions is bad and so we switch on the television and then lie motionless in front of it, practicing for all that ‘being dead’ we eventually have to get round to.

The point of our Tiny Games Kickstarter is that Tiny Games can go anywhere, so we wanted to make some that you could play while you’re in your favourite near-catatonic state. We don’t want to get in the way of you watching the good bit of TV, the bit you’re streaming deliberately off the internet, the bit you actually wanted to watch. We wanted to make Tiny Games for Ad Breaks.

So here are a few Tiny Games we’ve designed to play while you’re feeling so incredibly lazy, you can’t even be bothered to change the channel when the ads come on.


A game for two or more touchy players.

When the ad break starts, each player puts one finger somewhere on the screen and leaves it there. Whoever’s finger touches more people’s faces during the ad break wins.


A game for two or more overconfident players.

As soon as a show segment ends, player one must say what the first advert will be advertising. Player two immediately mutes the television, and as the advert plays, whatever it is for, player one must explain how they were right, and the advert is definitely for the product they suggested, regardless of what it is actually advertising. Scoring is entirely subjective.


A game for two or more verbose players.

At the very start of an advert break, shout out a word. The other players have to shout out something else. Earn one point every time your word is said during the advert break. If someone chooses a word that’s not within the spirit of the game – “the” or “and” or “be” or anything like that – then the other players can reject it by unanimous agreement.


A game for one or more animal-loving players.

As soon as the advert starts, begin changing the channels (you can use the UP and DOWN buttons, or input specific numbers). Earn one point for every different kind of animal you find. You lose the game if you’re not back on the starting channel by the time the advert ends.

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