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23 January 2013 | 0 comments

2013 is starting to shape up as a busy one for talks on both sides of the Atlantic. Alex, Margaret, Mark, and Holly are all speaking at various events and conferences.

Next up (6 February), Mark jets off to Geneva for the Lift Conference to talk in the session “mobile stories” on how to discover the creative potential of mobile phones and how artists and designers repurpose them in original ways. And as an appetite whetter, here’s an interview. But if you’re lazy, here’s a quote:

What recent change, technological or social, were you surprised by? Why?

Given that I’m supposed to be at least one step ahead of any social or technological change, I’m not sure I should admit to any surprises…

Quickly looking back at 2012, Margaret made a film for the Future of StoryTelling summit.

Games offer a place where the world works the way your mum always told you the world was going to work. If you try hard, if you practice, and if you don’t give up you will ultimately be successful.

In ‘Stories You Can Win’, Margaret talks about gaming and its role within the world of story telling:

Keep your eyes peeled on our events page for all upcoming talks, conferences, events, and festivals.

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