The more things change…

09 January 2013 | 0 comments

Have you seen games lately? I mean, of couse you’ve seen *a* game lately, but have you taken a moment recently to step back and give Games a once-over? To me two thing are clear:

#1: Games are big. I mean they’ve always been big but they’re REALLY big these days. As an industry, an artform, a vector of pop culture, games are big.

#2: It’s just pure unadulterated madness out there. A beautiful writhing mass. A phoenix made of LSD rising from a pool of boiling sugarcane. Consider the landscape: AAA studios race to launch social games, your console watches you watch your tv, 99 cents is considered a prohibitively expensive price point for a mobile game you may well put a hundred hours into yet we’ll happily pay to fund other games a year before they’re made, we earn badges for everything, we tweet our high scores, oh and I heard tablets are replacing phones which have already replaced everything else. Madness.

It strikes me that the second thing is most likely an interesting byproduct of the first. Through some bizarre twist of ludo-cultural economics, no matter how big games get the demand seems always to be bigger. We want new games in more places with more of our friends on the go all the time always, and as a result you get the glorious chaos we’re living through now. Growing too large for their screened cages, games mutate as they return to the landscape they inhabited for the first several thousand years of their existence; our world.

Platforms evolve. Business models are born. Technologies disrupt. But play marches on.

I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Hide&Seek as the Development Director for the New York office. This is a team that takes risks and delivers results. This is a team that pushes the boundaries of play. This is a team that rides the phoenix.

Image credit: MATTHAUS MERIAN. Symbolic representation with the text of the Tabula Smaragdina. Etching 1698.

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