Hide&Seek’s Games of the Year

04 January 2013 | 0 comments

Games we made last year, that is. I wanted to document somewhere a list of all the games we made in 2012 – our most prolific year so far.

The Building Listens / Feels / Smells / Sees – four physical installation games made as part of The Building Is… for Gâité Lyrique in Paris

Would Anyone Miss You? – a street game about loneliness, connection, stickers & photographs, produced at SXSW as to support the US premiere of Dreams of A Life

Discotect - a party game for those who like throwing shapes and winning glow sticks

Drunk Dungeon – an ambient party game that has partygoers simultaneously constructing and exploring a top-down dungeon, made for No Quarter

Searchlight -  co-operative, physical game for two players, facilitated through technology: a Kinect and a projector, connected to a computer

Tiny Games (130 of them) - a collection of very small, very quick-to-understand games

Treasures: the Hunt – a hunt around London’s natural history for the Natural History Museum.

British Intelligence Officer’s Exam – A Bond-themed text adventure in which you control an MI6 agent on the run, made with W + K Portland for Sony.

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