All Blogposts from January 2013

  • We talk the talk(s)

    23 January 2013 | by Iván González | 0 comments

    2013 is starting to shape up as a busy one for talks on both sides of the Atlantic. Alex, Margaret, Mark, and Holly are all speaking at various events and conferences.

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  • The more things change…

    09 January 2013 | by Mark Heggen | 0 comments

    Have you seen games lately? I mean, of couse you’ve seen *a* game lately, but have you taken a moment recently to step back and give Games a once-over? To me two thing are clear:

    #1: Games are big. I mean they’ve always been big but they’re REALLY big these days. As an industry, an artform, a vector of pop culture, games are big.

    #2: It’s just pure unadulterated madness out there.

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  • Introducing Mark Heggen

    09 January 2013 | by Margaret Robertson | 0 comments

    We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Mark Heggen, previously of Area/Code and Zynga New York, has joined Hide&Seek as its New York development director. Mark explains more about his decision to come on board in his inaugural blog post, and brings with him a heavyweight heritage of game design for some of the most varied audiences and platforms imaginable. It’s likely wonderful things are about to happen.

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  • Hide&Seek’s Games of the Year

    04 January 2013 | by Alex Fleetwood | 0 comments

    Games we made last year, that is. I wanted to document somewhere a list of all the games we made in 2012 – our most prolific year so far.

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