Searchlight: the video

11 October 2012 | 0 comments

We’ve just finished a video of Searchlight, which was played at the Hide&Seek Weekender 2012. It’s great to have some video of people playing the game, because it’s hard for photographs to convey how much players run and bend down – and fall over! – in their haste to win.




Linden (game designer): So it’s a game where there’s a searchlight that’s created by a projector and the goal is for two people to cooperate to get all of the blocks out of the path of the searchlight as fast as possible. But, if they’re caught moving while the searchlight is on them, then it turns red and they both have to freeze.

Linden: It’s a projector with a Microsoft Kinect from Xbox sitting on top of it, and that watches and uses its camera and its depth sensing to detect when people are moving.

Player 1: So fun, seriously, I’m actually out of breath at the moment because I was getting too into it. It is quite physical, you’re playing it with a partner, that kind of thing, so I think that just adds to the good elements of it. You know you can do it, so we’ve done it twice now and every time it feels like we’re getting closer.

Player 2: It’s really physical, it brings out your competitive nature.

Linden: One of the goals was to have the technology not actually doing that much, so it’s not like a real video game where the technology is controlling everything. Most of it’s just people and blocks and real-world things, with just a little touch of technology on top. But it’s been really fun, and it’s an exciting new technology to get to play with.

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