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10 October 2012 | 0 comments

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already noticed that the Hide&Seek website looks different. We’ve been outgrowing the old site for a while now, as more and more projects stacked up on (and scrolled off of) the project page; as more different types of event had to be forced into the old “Play With Us” page; as we realised we didn’t have anywhere to write about upcoming talks or workshops, or any way to show more than a few pictures of recent games.

So we’ve remade everything! Thanks to Amy Wagner and Jess Wittebort for UX design, and of course Tom Armitage for sitting down and working out what the site actually needed, figuring out how to fit it all in, planning it out,  then making it.

Over the next couple of months we’ll be rewriting projects from the distant past and gradually bringing the older content up to speed with the shiny new look. In the mean time, do have a poke around! And if you notice anything that’s not working – broken links, no content where we clearly intended content to be, pictures attached to a game that are clearly holding images of cute baby elephants, anything else like that – then do comment or email and we’ll fix it up.

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