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27 September 2012 | 0 comments

Here at Hide&Seek we’re gradually waking up from our post-Weekender naps: packing away ribbons, sorting through photographs, writing up everything that happened – we’ll have some brilliant photos to share next week.

But while we’ve been sitting around in a daze, all sorts of games events from other groups and designers have been drawing close. Autumn’s looking like a busy time for playing things in London…

Tonight (that’s TONIGHT), it’s time for the third Wild Rumpus: brilliant indie multiplayer games including Swordfight (whose peculiar jousting action you might remember from the Weekender Party), massive dance pads for MegaGIRP, a Super Hexagon tournament with hexagonal prizes, and in fact so many amazing games that we’re going to stop listing them now or we’ll just end up typing through lunch. £5, or £6 on the door, assuming it doesn’t sell out – which isn’t really an assumption you should be making.

Next week (that’s NEXT WEEK), a pile of London Games Festival events begin: there’s One Life Left’s videogame karaoke on Thursday 4 October, a Gamerdisco the week after that, and general exhibitions and talking-about-video-games going on for most of October.

And the weekend after next (that’s the WEEKEND AFTER NEXT) the Haberdashey Collective will be playing games at the Wilmington Arms, on a pay-what-you-like basis. If you made it to the Weekender you might have seen their beautiful game Orrery; they’ve got piles of other games to try out, some new and some old favourites, so block out the afternoon of Sunday 14 October and head along to try them out.

Not to mention A Door in a Wall’s cross-London murder mystery Apocalypse How? – though that’s so sold out that you’d have needed to sign up to their mailing list a month ago to have a chance of getting a ticket.

If we’ve missed anything gamey happening in London this October, let us know!

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