Weekender Games: Saturday Night in the Old Vic Tunnels

10 September 2012 | 0 comments

On Saturday night of the Weekender, we’ll be at the Old Vic Tunnels for two events: Ross Sutherland’s Comedian Dies in the Middle of Joke, and the the Weekender party. They will be astonishing amounts of fun. You should definitely come.

Comedian Dies has just returned from a run in Edinburgh, where it spent a month being triumphantly reviewed by everyone. “A thoroughly audacious show”, “the script is brilliant, rooted within a specific era and place that we can all connect to and understand”, “as an audience member it is liberating and just the funniest hour I’ve had at the fringe”, “while it would be true to say Ross Sutherland’s new show fuses interactive theatre with stand-up comedy, it does much more than that” – it’s really really good, and it’s running in the Old Vic Tunnels from 7-8pm on Saturday night. Tickets are £8.50 from the Old Vic Tunnels website.

And then from 8pm, we’re sticking around for the Weekender Party. We’ve bounced around excitedly about this before, but we can now confirm the full line-up: music, performances and games including Tom Webb’s MegaGames, Patrick Ashe’s Several Amazing Things About Tetris, Ross back with Tim Clare for Infinite Lives, plus eight wonderful party games new and old: the return of Johann Sebastian Joust, the UK premiere of Swordfight and Killer Queen Arcade, dancing games, moving games, flashing LED games, pretty much everything we could possibly cram into the space and time (8pm to 1am).

Tickets for the party are £13/£10 concession, available from the Old Vic Tunnels website.

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