Weekender Games: Games from Come Out and Play

07 September 2012 | 0 comments

One of the threads of games at this year’s Weekender that we’re really excited about is stuff from Come Out and Play: games that ran earlier this year at New York’s festival of street games, and which we’ve brought over to be part of Hide&Seek as well.

We’ve got Jaime Woo’s Gargoyles, a game with no equipment at all: just two teams, trying to get closer and closer to each other without touching. It’s one of those games – like Ninja and Johann Sebastian Joust – in which players contort and twist and move in all sorts of unlikely ways, luring you in to watch. And once you’ve watched, you’ve got an idea of how to play – and the desire to give it a go. Jaime’s made a great video explaining the thinking behind the game.

Then from Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros, we’ve got not one game but two: Killer Queen and Killer Queen Arcade. Killer Queen is a running-around two-teams outdoors game that won Best in Fest at Come Out and Play 2011 – so that’s already a pretty exciting thing to have in the programme. But the really really exciting bit is that there’s also a chance to play Killer Queen Arcade at the party on Saturday night: a digital incarnation of the original ideas behind the live version, where twelve players with NES controllers enact the same battle that we’ll have played out in Jubilee Gardens that afternoon. This is the first time the two games will be played together, and we’re just thrilled to have them.

And finally, we’ll also be playing Swordfight: a UK premiere for Ramsey Nasser and Kurt Bieg’s game for “original Atari 2600 controllers, harnesses for strap-on dildos and custom circuitry”. It’s a game that’s a little like fencing, but the swords are game controllers, and instead of trying to touch your opponent you’re trying to press the button on the tip of their controller, and instead of having your implement in your hand, it’s strapped to your lower torso. So, not really very much like fencing at all. The UK version of Swordfight is being created by Gareth Briggs, and it’ll run (like Killer Queen Arcade) at the Hide&Seek party.

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