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  • Games in London this Autumn

    27 September 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Here at Hide&Seek we’re gradually waking up from our post-Weekender naps: packing away ribbons, sorting through photographs, writing up everything that happened – we’ll have some brilliant photos to share next week.

    But while we’ve been sitting around in a daze, all sorts of games events from other groups and designers have been drawing close. Autumn’s looking like a busy time for playing things in London…

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  • The Making of Searchlight

    24 September 2012 | by Linden Vongsathorn | 0 comments

    Searchlight at the HIde&Seek Weekender 2012 from Hide&Seek on Vimeo. Searchlight came out of one goal: to design an interesting game for Kinect. Working on The Building Is… in Paris left us with a lot of knowledge and ideas about how to integrate technology into real-world physical games, and we wanted to test them out. [...]

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  • Coming to America

    17 September 2012 | by Margaret Robertson | 1 comment

    The lady opposite me is eating a sandwich from Pret A Manger. She is baffled. “What does ‘absolutely no nasties’ mean?’, she asks her friend, who doesn’t know. Pret’s been around in New York for a good while now, but it still makes no sense at all to most New Yorkers. Pret makes sense if [...]

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  • Announcing: H&S opens New York studio, Mark Sorrell joins as Development Director

    17 September 2012 | by Alex Fleetwood | 1 comment

    As the Weekender moves into its final day of talks and presentations, we’re thrilled to be making two announcments. The first is that we have launched an American studio in SoHo, New York, headed up by none other than our very own Margaret Robertson, who becomes Managing Director, Hide&Seek New York. We’re still all a [...]

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  • The Giant Potential of Tiny Games

    17 September 2012 | by Mark Sorrell | 0 comments

    So here I am at Hide&Seek Directing some Development and I’m excited. I’m on record stating my belief that games can do far more than is currently imagined; and if there’s any studio that’s really taking games to places and people they currently don’t reach, then Hide&Seek are they. Or should I say, us. The Tiny Games project is [...]

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  • Weekender Games: Saturday Night in the Old Vic Tunnels

    10 September 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    On Saturday night of the Weekender, we’ll be at the Old Vic Tunnels for two events: Ross Sutherland’s Comedian Dies in the Middle of Joke, and the the Weekender party. They will be astonishing amounts of fun. You should definitely come.

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  • Weekender Games: Games from Come Out and Play

    07 September 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    One of the threads of games at this year’s Weekender that we’re really excited about is stuff from Come Out and Play: games that ran earlier this year at New York’s festival of street games, and which we’ve brought over to be part of Hide&Seek as well.

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  • Weekender Game: Punch the Custard

    05 September 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    Picture by Mike Massaro

    For most of the games happening at the Weekender, one of the things that the designers think quite hard about is explanations: what’s the most efficient and interesting way to get players to understand what they’re trying to do? Do they need written instructions? Performers? Rules added slowly over the course of the game? But there’s one game where none of that’s really necessary: George Buckenham’s Punch the Custard.

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  • Weekender Game: Treasure Maze

    04 September 2012 | by Holly Gramazio | 0 comments

    We’re now only a week and a half away from the Hide&Seek Weekender – three days of amazing games in and around the Southbank, plus a conference on Monday.

    There’s going to be over thirty-five games in total, which is a lot of games to try to explain in a newsletter or a tweet, so I thought that until the Weekender, I might write a bit about one of the games each day: what it’s like, how you play, who designed it, why we’re so excited to have it as part of the Weekender.

    And the best place to start is probably with the biggest game on the Ballroom floor, sat in place throughout the weekend: Viviane Schwarz’s Treasure Maze.

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