99 Tiny Games: playing now at a footpath near you

27 July 2012 | 0 comments

Over the last couple of days, two dozen people have been walking around London, sticking down big round posters that explain how to play some games. There are ninety-nine of these posters, and each of them is different, with rules for a different game: a conversation game over here, a chase game over there, a people-watching game up on that balcony.

It’s part of our 99 Tiny Games project, which we announced last month: ninety-nine site-specific street games to be play in all sorts of places around London, with no special equipment. There’s games for bandstands, and parks, and riversides, and roads, and all sorts of other places; three in each borough. At 6:15 last night, we put the last of the ninety-nine in place.

Over the last couple of months, everyone in the studio – and a lot of people outside it – has been involved: walking around and designing games, playtesting, proofreading, website-making, talking to thirty-three boroughs, making up titles, poring over poster designs, plotting elaborate installation routes:

It’s been astonishing for us to see the games going out into the world: the rules getting laid in place, the first players stumbling across them. We’ve had reports of people reading the rules and playing a game before the install teams have even walked away.

We’ll be writing a bit more next week about the design process, and the experience of going to a new place and looking for something to play there, over and over again, but for now: why not find a game, and play?

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