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20 June 2012 | 0 comments

(we’ll come back to narrative later.)

It’s the opening day of the exhibition in Paris! And the Hide&Seek team, along with all our collaborators, having been working very hard indeed. This is a very ambitious project to pull off…

And brings me to an interesting clash with historic ways of doing cultural shows… The ‘vernissage’ (which is what Parisians call an opening) is a very big deal, and that makes sense when you’re opening a play, or a visual art show, or a film festival. It’s still a heck of a job getting ready for things like that, but games are an order of magnitude different. There’s not really a game in the land that opens without some long period of beta testing – and that, in the case of a show in a public space, really means testing the entire show, with the public. Which is not the same thing as a grand opening…

It’s a thing we encounter time again – conflicts arising from the build-up-to-a-grand opening way of doing things, and the launch-early-launch-often way of doing things. Maybe there’s a way of launching game exhibitions in beta, and then having the vernissage at the end of the opening… I don’t know what people would make of that!

Anyway, as you can tell from this slightly breathless post, it’s time I got back to getting us ready for 3pm…

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