99 Tiny Games

12 June 2012 | 2 comments

We’re very excited to announce a new project for this summer: a collection of site-specific games spread all across London.

Yes, “all across”: three in each borough, for a total of ninety-nine. 99 Tiny Games. Each one a unique ruleset just a few sentences long, printed on a vinyl and stuck onto the ground or a wall somewhere in London, sitting there, waiting to be played by passers-by.

Some of you may remember the project we ran at the Southbank Centre last summer: Tiny Games, a collection of ten games scattered across the Southbank Centre. (The pictures above are taken from that project.) It was amazing to walk through the site and spot people playing games we’d made up and stuck on the ground, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to explore the same idea on a much grander scale.

99 Tiny Games will be running from 28 July to 23 August, as part of Showtime. There’ll be games in bandstands and parks, on paths and tube station walls; on high streets, by shopping centres, under archways, in corners, in squares, by statues and lakes and bus-stops. Everywhere, really.

Thank you to all the boroughs, Mayor of London, the Arts Council, and the London 2012 Festival.

99 Tiny Games is part of Showtime, presented by Mayor of London and London 2012 Festival. Showtime is a free outdoor arts festival giving all Londoners the chance to enjoy world class entertainment and culture on their doorstep.

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  • On 13 Jun 2012, Dan said:

    Hi, How can i get more information on this project? Maps, types of games, exemples?



  • On 14 Jun 2012, Holly said:

    Hi Dan,

    We’ll be announcing more details of the projects over the next month or so, including maps showing where all the games will be, so your best bet is to keep checking back or subscribe to our newsletter or Twitter feed.

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