Sandpits and Weekender 2012 – Games With Audiences

23 April 2012 | 0 comments

Here’s another announcement that we’re bursting with excitement about:  Sandpits and the Weekender are back!

The Sandpit is a space where anyone (including YOU) can experiment with new ideas for games that take place in public spaces –  a place where players, artists, game designers, makers and thinkers of every stripe can get together, play stuff, and talk. They feel like big parties to us. We love them! They look like this.

The Sandpit series will culminate in the Hide&Seek Weekender at the Southbank Centre on 14-16 September – a weekend-long festival filled with games that were developed through the Sandpit, running alongside playful work around the world.

We have a theme for this series – Games With Audiences.

We’re going to blog a lot more about what this means (with examples!) over the next few weeks, but for now:

If you’re a game designer: it means developing games that that are fun to watch as well as play, that provoke performance, that smooth the path for spectators to become players and vice versa, and collaborating with amazing artists.

If you’re an artist: it means disrupting the traditional boundaries between performer and audience through games, bringing your craft and talent to bear in a new environment, and collaborating with amazing game designers.

If you’re a player: it means feeling welcomed and cared for, no matter what your attitude to playing in public, and stimulated with dozens of new experiences.

If you’re keen to learn more, we’re having an open meeting to discuss the series in the Hide&Seek studio on the evening of Wednesday 2 May. If you’re a designer, player, or just an interested person, we’d love to meet you! Please book a place and come along.

If you’ve got thoughts you’d like to throw in the pot, or you’re interested in volunteering or being involved as a designer, do comment here or email

We’ll also be announcing Sandpit dates and themes later in the week, so keep an eye out for that…

Thanks to Arts Council England, the Southbank Centre, RBKC and the InTRANSIT festival who are supporting this year’s events.

Picture by Digital Flapjack

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