Tom Armitage at Lift12, Geneva, February 24th

20 February 2012 | 0 comments

I’m going to be talking at Lift12 in Geneva this week! I’m in the Thursday slot entitled “The New Face of Gaming”, where I’ll be talking a bit about games as Systemic Media for a Systemic Age. The full blurb follows:

The 21st century is one in which society increasingly moves away from an infrastructure of direct action, to one of layered systems. Those systems are built out of many materials: hardware; software; urban infrastructure; politics; morals; people. These interconnected structures often seem strange and foreign.

But we’ve played with interconnected systems for thousands of years. Games are what Eric Zimmerman has called “systemic media”; they are one of the many native cultural forms to this systemic age. This talk examines the ways systems exist in games, and their value in understanding a systemic world. What are the ways games teach us about the interconnectedness of things: how to understand it, and how to live within it?

I hope the final talk resembles that.

If you’re at Lift this week, do come and say hello! And if you’re not, I believe the talks will be streamed live over at the Lift website.

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