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16 August 2011 | 0 comments

Porlex Grinder

This month, my Kill Screen column is about Everyday Gaming.

It’s about the way what’s often called “casual gaming” is, in fact, just gaming that fits into everyday life, and the many ways there are to achieve that. And it focuses a little on mudanity, on “the everyday” itself – something I properly came to through Joe Moran‘s marvellous Reading The Everyday:

Most often, [design] is something people engage with without knowing it’s there. “Design,” it turns out, is usually the answer to the question we so rarely ask of the products we use everyday: “What made this good?”

It is because things are well designed that we let them into our lives and build our routines around them. “Design” is so often used to describe things that are striking, outlandish, and, in the adjective “designer,” the things that loudly proclaim their provenance. But for me, the most endearing and perhaps the most human design can be found in the mundane, where it goes softly spoken.

And so, I thought it worth examining the relationship of the Everyday with game design.

You can read “Everyday Gaming” over at Kill Screen.

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